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All Bear With community members have access to the following:

The Night Life

Breaking away can be a game-changer. We laugh, cry, and learn together.
Big Gatherings
Hangouts and great conversations, including topics such as "Affirming and Un-affirming Christians," "Defending and Attacking Christ-Centered Universalism," and more to come! Get Reminders of all gatherings.
Paid Bear Experiences
Discounts and Priority Access
Learn more
Open to all, non-members included, these are guided and strategic discussion and community experiences. Folks will finish experiences with new friends, new knowledge and more understanding of other POVs. Typically meets once/week, lasting 4-5 weeks, meetings typically 1.5 hours, shared with 6-10 people. See what is available now.
LIVE Podcast Recording
Includes viewing and participation

The Village

Just the general, day to day, meeting, hanging, supporting and laughing with the fam, online, through various text/video channels.
Purpose Groups
Ongoing digital communities gathering people in similar seasons of life and offer day to day interactions, quarterly hang-outs, weekly discussions, surveys and camaraderie. Learn more
Currently offering:
“Parents With No Answers”
“Spouses With No Answers” Purpose Groups.
Soon to come, “Deconstruction Book Club” Purpose Group.
More Purpose Groups to Come.
Our version of online small groups. Learn more
We will even offer regular “meet and greets” that will provide opportunities to meet others who may be interested in connecting at this level. On average, PODS meet monthly, attend public gatherings together, and keep in touch during the week.
Prayer Collective
We approach it differently but most of us approach with mysterious hope and find strength from the community and spiritual connection. Learn more
Very unorthodox approaches, this isn’t grandma’s old prayer group on Wednesday nights before church dinner, but on the other side of deconstruction, community prayer can be illuminating experiences, many participates feel they have cleared out the bullshit to really seek the Divine.
– 10% of all patron money goes to needs in developing countries. Look what we’ve done so far!
– 10% of all patron money goes to scholarships for those lacking funds to join.

The Library

Resources, Entertainment and recordings of everything you missed, all nice and kept safe for you at all times.
Exclusive Podcast Feed (The Bear Feed)
This is the Bear W/ Community’s very own podcast feed that contains this and more:
– Pre-release of all episodes unedited, no filters
– Spiritual reflections
– Short episodes on parenting
– Short episodes on partnering
– Recordings of all events and community conversations

Gifts & Miscellaneous
– FREE download of Joey’s book
– Random digital gifts
– Access to Joey’s Photo Dump (for creepers)

Resources & much more not listed
Just have to show up to find out!
Join the Bear With Community

Can you identify?

  • I have more questions than answers.

  • I’m not sure I believe all this stuff.

  • I feel and deeply believe in God’s love for me and that’s about it.

  • I experience suffering more than joy.

  • I find joy in the mystery of the unknown.

  • I feel misunderstood.

  • I need people who can relate to how I feel spiritually.

  • I’m a bad person or so I’m told.

  • I don’t belong in church.

  • I love my church but not sure if I’m wanted, given how I feel.

  • I’m sick of division and believe for something different.

If you answered yes to any of these, this might be the group for you. Most of all, you get to be yourself, and figure it all out with the rest of us.
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