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The Bear Community

No one has to be alone in this. In fact, we're not meant to.

Yet it’s easier said than done to find others who resonate with your doubts, questions and fears. Nobody has it all figured out, and that’s okay. We are a community of mostly Christians who help one another seek the infinite with greater peace in our spiritual journey. At the very least, we offer friendship and family to anyone looking, without fear of judgement, while being accepting and learning from one another.

We prioritize love IN everything.

In some ways, John Lennon was correct when he says, “Love is all you need.” Jesus doesn’t leave room for uncertainty with this one. From leftist mobs on social media to fundamentalist, close-minded Christians, love is the goal.

We try to keep it real even when it's ugly.

Life is too short and scary to keep things hidden. Conversation and community are essential for life. Time and time again, folks in our family have found comfort and peace by simply opening up.

We'll likely understand you, and definitely accept you.

Don’t second guess it. If you’re fine with our first two priorities, you will fit right in. Coming without a willingness to be open nor giving significant effort to love others will likely leave you uncomfortable. We try to be overly vulnerable and rebel against polarity, condemnation, hate and, in most cases, even cancel culture.

People are flawed and broken. The sooner this is accepted, the quicker we can focus on love and unity. And that “openness” part? We’ll give you all the time in the world.
About Bear With
When Jesus prayed for his followers, he prayed that they would love one another. Yet, somehow, we’ve made it complicated. Political differences, lifestyle preferences, racial and social division, ideologies, and theological interpretations have all put the brokenness of humanity and the Church on full display. Hanging in the balance of justice and mercy is where we often find ourselves, leading to a sense of loneliness in our struggle.

Through Bear With communities and the content we share, our hope is that you find a place where your positions aren’t judged, and your peace grows stronger. Our community is diverse in every sense, and we’ll probably disagree more than we agree. You’ll even hear some things you’ll never hear in church, because safe is boring and love can be adventurous. Most of all, you get to be yourself, and figure it all out with the rest of us.

“Bear With” was founded by Joey Svendsen, a pastor who threw out his list of theological “certainties,” embraced mystery, and found freedom. Growing up a fundamentalist evangelical Christian, he is now willing to examine faith through a progressive lens. But Joey cares more about people than their positions, which is why Bear With is a judgement-free zone, where we treat one another with humility and gentleness, and love is our common language.

“Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.”

Can you identify?

  • I have more questions than answers.

  • I’m not sure I believe all this stuff.

  • I feel and deeply believe in God’s love for me and that’s about it.

  • I experience suffering more than joy.

  • I find joy in the mystery of the unknown.

  • I feel misunderstood.

  • I need people who can relate to how I feel spiritually.

  • I’m a bad person or so I’m told.

  • I don’t belong in church.

  • I love my church but not sure if I’m wanted, given how I feel.

  • I’m sick of division and believe for something different.

If you answered yes to any of these, this might be the group for you. Most of all, you get to be yourself, and figure it all out with the rest of us.
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